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Mondays Meaning Research Network

44 Henry Street
New York NY 10002

What is Mondays?

What is meaning? How do we know what is significant, valuble, and important? How do we make things meaningful for others? These questions are central to many of the biggest challenges in the 21st century, from understanding ourselves to designing better ways for the world to work.

Meaning may be intangible, but that doesn’t mean it has to be abstract. At Mondays, we belive meaning is something that can be worked with, like any other material. We are a small number of people learning together and inventing strategies to find, change, expand, and make meaning ourselves.

Next Event

The Glass Bead Game, May 15, 2017

In which a dialectic game will be played; symbols will be created; ethics will be made explicit; and purpose will be explored. We are pleased to announce the Glass Bead Game led by Anders J. Aamodt, activist, scholar, and noted chaos magician. In advance, please read Ethics Stone—Minimalist Altar Building for an introduction to practical magic techniques.

Past Events

Original Content Only, February 27 2017

Mémés: the premiere communication medium of the 21st century. With memes, you can play with pop culture tropes, enjoy subcultural in-group fun, and add more meaning to your content. What can’t memes do? This Monday, high quality memeing for fun and profit. We’ll start with discussion and meme breakdowns, followed by meme-making breakout sessions and critique. Let’s link up and build the vision.

Cult Design Workshop, December 12 2016

You awaken stranded in a flickering world. Realities pulse in and out, neither convincingly genuine nor totally virtual. In this liminal space, your only hope of survival is to piece together new meaning for yourself and for others. Join Mondays for a reality-defining workshop at Computer Lab. Come with your computer and leave with a fully-designed super-premium cult, vaporware, or weird brand identity. Let’s make meaning together.

Crashing the Organization, November 14 2016

New tools for a new era. New language for a weaponized discourse. Blood for the blood god. Mondays FW16-17 begins with a meta-Mondays meeting. On the agenda: orienting Mondays toward our new lived reality, narratives and counter-narratives, overarching themes, fresh formats, novel organizations. 7PM.

The Space is the Place, September 16 2016

Space for dialog. Space to live. Space to think. Outer space. Subpixel Space. “I just need some space.” A safe space. Space: the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. Join Mondays at the Wyndham Garden Chinatown, 18th floor.

Take Care, September 12 2016

To feel “the ebbs and flows of all of our feelings at once and in parallel without suspending them for the shame of guilt until they are resumed through the instruction of forgiveness.” Self-care in the age of self-control. Come with love. Read in advance.

Fields of Vision, August 29 2017

Enter the tumbling, swirling universe of visual forms. Here, stretched sans-serif type smeared with the sludgy pink and blue runoff of vaporwave does ideological battle with Brooklyn-Portland kitsch craft and 3-column startup website layouts replete with line illustrations and blue calls-to-action. Join Mondays for a group internet-browse and casual aesthetics chat.

5 Minute Skillshare, August 8 2016

Typeface selection. 2x2 charts. Poaching eggs. We can’t afford graduate school but that doesn’t mean we’re not learning. Class is open on the roof of 44 Henry Street. Come prepared to give a 5 minute lesson on a topic of your choice.

Unfinished Business, July 26 2016

Unfinished projects. Alive or dead, swept into some dark corner or heaped up, partly documented in GitHub repos, we all have them. Bring a project you’re working on now, or something that never saw the light of day but deserves to be celebrated.

Why We Are Here, July 11 2016

“New York makes it clear whether you belong here or not.” “Any community you want to be part of, you can find it here.” “There’s some tunnel vision.” “It’s like a magnet.” “A city constructed as a hierarchy.” “New York was a relationship that needed to be managed and required compromise.” Why are you here? Your relationship with the city. Open door at 6PM, discussion at 7:45.

Brexit for Dinner, June 27 2016

Let’s have a little chat over the most important meal of the day. Join us for a Brexit of champions and deliver your hottest take on the UK’s departure from the EU. Is Britain’s economy as much of a dog’s Brexit as it looks? Or is someone cooking up a new world order? McDonald’s 24H Brexit: an omen? Full English Brexit and beer will be served at 8PM.

Quotes on meaning-making

“We need to acknowledge the complex framework of meaning and interpretation in which we work, and then purposively select the frames we will work with. Magic may be what gives us delight, energy and ongoing provocation, but meaning is something we can unpack, play with, and use.”

Janinka Greenwood, Arts-Based Research: Weaving Magic and Meaning

“By juxtapo-sing the glossy fabric against a dimpled leather, its meaning was destabilized, creating a space where Prada alone could dictate value. When Mrs. Prada describes fashion as 'instant langauge,' she is pointing to the power of context and timing to generate new cultural and commercial values.”

Jack Self, “OMA/AMO for Prada”

“Projects are socially viable organizations, constituted in what people do, and last long enough to leave something behind: a particular design, a new technology, a self-sustaining institution. Projects are the models for participatory design.”

Klaus Krippendorff, The Semantic Turn

“Management theorists describe 'learning organizations' that don’t base themselves on fixed structures, principles, and procedures. Rather, they conduct continuous meta-systematic reflection on their own commitments, and revise those accordingly. Such organizations also foster the learning and development of their members so they can take on increasingly challenging, interesting, and valuable responsibilities.”

David Chapman, “Upgrade Your Cargo Cult for the Win”

“Meme magic is real because a symbolic economy yields disproportionate benefits to people skilled in symbol manipulation... The thing is, to become a meme magus, actual experience on at least the buy-side of the symbolic economy is a prerequisite initiation.”

Adam Elkus